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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Philadelphia

The most common question asked by Bankruptcy Law clients is “What is the difference between Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?” A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is an immediate discharge or wiping out of unsecured debts. Debts that are included in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy include credit cards, medical bills, personal unsecured loans, timeshares, certain tax debts and more! It is very rare for a house or a car to be included in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy except for very rare circumstances discussed below.

 Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Philadelphia Case – Scenario 1

A Petitioner in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy may choose to surrender their interest in a home, car or other secured debts that have become unaffordable due to loss of income or an unforeseen rising monthly payment. A Petitioner may also decide to surrender a house or car through bankruptcy because they do not have any equity in the secured debt.

For example, if one owns a home with a mortgage of $200,000, but the home is worth only $150,000, it may not be worth struggling on a monthly basis to meet the monthly mortgage payments, real estate tax and homeowner’ insurance obligations because the Petitioner has negative or no equity in the asset. A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy would allow the Petitioner to surrender their interest in the home and seek alternative housing for a lesser monthly payment therefore decreasing monthly living expenses and building savings at the same time!

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Philadelphia Case – Scenario 2

On the average, for every $10,000.00 of credit card debt, it costs $500.00 per month in minimum payments, which amounts to $6,000 per year. A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy would therefore erase the extraordinary monthly and yearly expense of carrying debt and increase a Petitioners monthly disposable income and potential savings.

Lastly, because the Petitioner in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy would no longer be carrying unsecured debt due to the discharge in Bankruptcy, it is very common for credit scores to rise. Yes, filing bankruptcy improves credit sores. Reason being that since a Petitioner in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is no longer responsible for credit card and other debts with outstanding balances; they have a more positive debt to income ratio in the eyes of the credit reporting agencies and accordingly a rising credit score.

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