Wage Garnishment Pennsylvania

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Pennsylvania law only permits wage garnishment in very limited circumstances.  Under Pennsylvania law, an employee’s wages, salaries and commissions may be taken (garnished) to satisfy the following types of debts due and owing:

1. Judgments for child or spousal support,

2. Obligations relating to a final distribution in divorce,

3. Back rent on a residential lease,

4. PHEAA Student Loans,

5. Restitution for criminal matters, and

6. Certain Taxes.

Although there are only limited circumstances where a creditor may garnish wages, in Pennsylvania a judgment creditor may seek to garnish money in your bank account.  Meaning if one owes a credit card a judgment in the amount of $3,000.00 and has $1,000.00 deposited from their employer in the form of wages, the entire deposit may be subject to garnishment.  If one is facing a possible lawsuit or bank account garnishment in Pennsylvania it is important that they seek the advice of a lawyer

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