Sadek Law Offices, LLC 2011 Year in Review

As the year 2011 comes to an end I, Brad J. Sadek, managing attorney, would like to extend thanks to our staff of attorneys and paralegals for another successful year.  Further, I would like to extend my gratitude to our clients whom we get the pleasure of providing legal assistance to.  As we enter our seventh year of practicing as Sadek Law Offices, LLC we look forward to practicing in Bankruptcy Law, Family Law, Real Estate Law and adding a Social Security Disability Law practice to best serve our clients needs.

Over the past year our practice has expanded by adding branch offices in Northeast Philadelphia and Allentown, Pennsylvania. By adding branch offices, we have expanded the geographic scope of our law practice while adding convenience to clients throughout the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.  From our branch offices we are able to meet with clients and perform the high degree of legal service that our clients deserve.

Lastly, in early 2011 we will be updating our website in effort to stay on the forefront of technology.  Although law does not change at a rapid pace, our small law firm is able to quickly adapt to the legal needs of our clients.  I can assure our readers and clients that the one thing that will never change is the commitment to providing excellent legal services.

In conclusion, I wish everyone a healthy and happy new year in 2012.

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