Restoration of Driver’s Privileges and Bankruptcy

The filing of a Petition in Bankruptcy may be of assistance in restoration of a suspended driver’s license in Pennsylvania. First of all it must be determined why the Petitioner in Bankruptcy has his or her driver’s license suspended in the first place in that bankruptcy filings are often most helpful when the underlying license suspension is based on monetary obligations due and owing by the Petitioner.

Under 75 Pa.C.S. Section 1773 a suspended driver’s license may be restored when outstanding judgments are satisfied or their enforcement is stayed and the driver provides proof of financial responsibility. A bankruptcy stays the enforcement of the monetary judgment due and owing by the Petitioner under 11 USC Section(s) 362, 524 and 525. If the suspension was not based on a monetary default, rather, “points,” a restoration through bankruptcy would not be attainable. Generally the driver’s license restoration process through a bankruptcy filing takes 2 weeks to one (1) month. The items that are needed by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation are:
1. The Debtor’s Bankruptcy Petition,
2. Listing of the Judgment Holder in the Petition,
3. Proof of financial responsibility (car insurance) or affidavit of non-ownership for registered vehicle and
4. A $25.00 money order to cover the license restoration fee payable to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

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