5 Ways Your Life Will Change After Bankruptcy

As bankruptcy attorneys in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, we often hear from people who are afraid their lives will be devastated after bankruptcy. Their fear of the unknown keeps them from taking advantage of this legal remedy for far too long.

In truth, your life is likely to look much better after bankruptcy.

The collection calls stop.

While there are ways to handle collection calls besides bankruptcy, there’s nothing quite like knowing nobody has a reason to pursue you anymore.

After all, you may stop a collection agency from calling you, but the psychological impact of the debt is still there. And they can always send the debt on to some other agency, beginning the whole cycle all over again.

You don’t have to worry about legal action anymore.

Foreclosure. Repossession. Lawsuits. Evictions. Garnishments. Any of these actions can be devastating and difficult to recover from.

Bankruptcy can make all these problems go away. Choose the right form of bankruptcy for your situation, and you can hold on to your house and car. We can show you how.

Your credit score will go up.

It shocks everyone we talk to, but your credit score is likely to go up after bankruptcy, not down. It’s not hard to get a car loan when the case is over. You can get credit cards. It’s not even impossible to get a mortgage.

It won’t be a perfect credit score, but with a little work you can get a credit score well into the 700s. It will probably take less time than you think.

You’ll have less stress.

Severe debt loads are a major cause of depression. If you’re currently depressed, know recovery can begin once the debt is gone.

Getting through the bankruptcy may even save your marriage.

You can start over.

You now have some breathing room to examine what led you into bankruptcy in the first place. If the problem was routine bad financial management instead of unemployment or a sudden, long illness or other unexpected disaster then you have the opportunity to reshape your life. You can downsize, change your habits, and ensure a brighter financial future.

Of course, all these benefits depend on your bankruptcy discharge, which is far less likely to happen if you try to go it alone.

Ready to experience life after bankruptcy? Why not contact us for a free consultation? We’ll look over your financial situation, talk to you about our payment plans, and start you on the road to financial freedom. You can call us 24/7, 365. Call today.

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