Life after bankruptcy

One thing to always remember is rebuilding your credit will take time. Just as when you were starting out, it takes time to rebuild...
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Many know that life after bankruptcy is not the end of the world, but are not always given the tools, tips and tricks to help expedite credit recovery. Understanding what exactly goes into rebuilding your credit is the first step to getting back on track.

After declaring bankruptcy, it feels like a fresh start. It is important to start following certain practices, so you do not fall back into the same predicament as before. A great way to start is to continue paying your ongoing and existing debts on time. Bankruptcy may not wipe away all debt and these lenders will continue to report the payments to credit reporting agencies. Keeping up with these payments will put you on the fast track to getting back on your feet. 

Opening a secured credit card or other lines of credit is another way to build your credit score. Secured credit cards require a deposit that is equal or close to the maximum line of credit. If payments are ever missed or not completed, they will borrow from your original deposit to make the payments. A downside of secured credit cards is the additional fees. Annual fees or administration fees are often added on top of the line of credit and is something to consider. 

Taking out other lines of credit, such as car loans, is another option to rebuild credit. These loans are often given with high-interest rates, as those who have filed for bankruptcy can be seen as risky borrowers. If you can afford these higher interest rates, this is another great way to build up your credit. It is important to avoid credit repair agencies. Many of these agencies do not do anything you cannot do for yourself.  There are also several agency scams. These scammers will collect monthly fees from you while disputing negative information, even if it is correct. 

One thing to always remember is rebuilding your credit will take time. Just as when you were starting out, it takes time to rebuild and get back into a place where you have good credit. Taking the time to get back onto your feet will only benefit you in the future. Finding an experienced professional will always assist you with any questions or concerns when going through this process.

The attorneys at Sadek and Cooper Law Offices have handled hundreds of bankruptcies in Philadelphia and the surrounding counties of Montgomery, Delaware, Bucks, and Chester. We are also licensed in the State of New Jersey. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation at 215-545-0008.

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