Why hire a bankruptcy attorney?

Bankruptcy attorneys play a vital role in the process, and cutting them out can cause tragic and expensive consequences. Below are a few things that bankruptcy attorneys can do to help your bankruptcy.

Opting to file bankruptcy is a serious decision and, for many people, it comes when they are at the end of their wits and bottom of their finances. Because money is already extremely tight, some people consider filing themselves and bypassing the fees associated with hiring a bankruptcy attorney. Understandable that this would seem like a good option, bankruptcy attorneys play a vital role in the process, and cutting them out can cause tragic and expensive consequences. Below are a few things that bankruptcy attorneys can do to help your bankruptcy: 

  1. Choose the Right Kind of Bankruptcy. While filing for bankruptcy often sounds simple, it really isn’t! There are two types of bankruptcy available — a Chapter 7 and a Chapter 13. While both involve filing bankruptcy, they are completely different. A Chapter 7 eliminates debt entirely but comes at the potential cost of some of your assets. Meanwhile, Chapter 13 keeps your debt but rearranges the payments so that they are more manageable, making it possible for you to keep your belongings while regaining your financial footing. A good attorney can look over your unique case and show you which option is best.  
  2. Ensuring the Process is Complete. Bankruptcy involves more than just filing some papers and going to court. Some of the steps of the process include counseling sessions, paying court fees, going to financial meetings, and meeting your specific court guidelines. To an already stressed individual, this can be overwhelming! A good attorney works to guide you through each step of the bankruptcy while also taking on some of the work themselves, ensuring that your debts are eliminated and your case isn’t kicked out of court.  
  3. Guide You through Debt Payments. A bankruptcy attorney can help you to develop a Chapter 13 payment program that matches your budget and will give you financial freedom rather than simply continuing your agony. Your lawyer can also help you negotiate to pay off some creditors outside of the court – while also ensuring that you don’t pay too much – thus resulting in you not being sued by other creditors. 
  4. Protect Your Property. When filing bankruptcy, you are putting your properties and finances at the mercy of the courts. An attorney is your only way to be properly represented and ensured that you get to keep as much of your assets as possible. Your lawyer can show you what is exempt from bankruptcy and make sure that you keep it! 
  5. A Free Consultation. Before you decide that a bankruptcy lawyer is too expensive for you to even think of using, it’s good to know that we offer a free consultation. During this consultation, you can present your financial situation, learn what we can do for your unique case, and discuss the attorney fee payment options we have (like zero-down Chapter 7 Bankruptcy). 

When your finances are in shambles and it seems like nothing can improve your situation, a bankruptcy can help. Rather than trying to tackle bankruptcy on your own, take into consideration the benefits of hiring an attorney and talk to a law firm before you get started! Your journey to financial freedom is much easier with a helping professional at your side.

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