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Can You File Chapter 13 for a Business in Pennsylvania?

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Bankruptcy isn’t just for individuals.  Business entities can also benefit from a strategic bankruptcy, ranging from the small, family-owned operation up to the large corporation with thousands of employees.  However, bankruptcy is not a “one-size-fits-all” matter.  On the contrary, there are several different forms of bankruptcy, each designed to fit a different set of goals…

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If I File for Bankruptcy, What Happens to My Spouse?

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Choosing to file for bankruptcy in Pennsylvania or New Jersey is a major decision that can have significant effects not only upon your day-to-day life, such as your daily spending habits and credit card use, but also upon the long-term, future management of your family’s finances.  Therefore, it’s important for married couples to understand how…

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How Many Times Can You File for Bankruptcy in Pennsylvania?

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Life circumstances sometimes go beyond your control, and if you experience multiple medical emergencies or job losses, it may become necessary to file for bankruptcy on more than one occasion. However, as our Philadelphia bankruptcy attorneys will explain, the timing of your second bankruptcy case is critically important and must be planned carefully. If you choose…

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Is January the Best Month of the Year to File Bankruptcy?

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According to statistics supplied by the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, nearly 9,381 bankruptcies have been filed in the current fiscal year. However, these filings are not distributed evenly across the year. The number of bankruptcy cases fluctuates from month to month, which begs the question: is there really such…

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When Can I Buy a House After Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Pennsylvania?

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Filing for bankruptcy doesn’t have to signal the end of your dreams of homeownership. Despite the widespread myth that declaring bankruptcy will destroy your ability to own property, the reality of the situation is more nuanced. Our Philadelphia Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyers explain how filing for Chapter 7 may affect your ability to buy a…

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What Additional Debt Eliminating Powers Can Bankruptcy Provide?

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Most people probably already know that bankruptcy is one of the most effective means of eliminating excess debt. For individuals, Chapter 7 bankruptcy is often the fastest way to eliminate debt and achieve a fresh financial start. Similarly, Chapter 13 bankruptcy can allow individuals to resolve and eliminate debts while protecting their property. For business…

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When Can I File for a Second or Subsequent Bankruptcy?

bankruptcy attorney philadelphia

While bankruptcy is often the most effective means for individuals to deal with significant amounts of debts and achieve a fresh financial start, it does not guarantee that the individual won’t experience other life events that create additional financial stress.  In some cases, the individual may have many good financial years from the first bankruptcy…

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Can I Qualify for a Pennsylvania Bankruptcy Filing?

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Many people are fully aware that bankruptcy is an effective means of eliminating debt. However, many people fear that they cannot qualify for bankruptcy belief for a variety of reasons. Some people may believe that bankruptcy is only appropriate for people with complex finances. Others may believe that bankruptcy is only appropriate if you have…

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