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Three Reasons a Court May Deny a Bankruptcy Discharge

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If you are considering Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, one of the factors most likely to motivate you to file is the debt relief bankruptcy can provide. Regardless of the form of bankruptcy you select, the process’s ability to eliminate debt is contingent upon a court granting what is known as a  bankruptcy…

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Can Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Eliminate My Credit Card Debt?

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Credit cards are an essential financial tool for most people in today’s world. To start, credit cards provide significant convenience since people can use the card to purchase goods without having to carry cash. Furthermore, a credit card permits a person to buy products and services on credit. For many people, this aspect of a…

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Can I Discharge Income Tax Debts in Bankruptcy?

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While tax time and tax problems are traditionally associated with mid-April, the simple fact is that the IRS can request additional information or launch a tax audit at any time in the year. In some cases, these examinations will result in the imposition of significant tax debts and penalties. In other situations, the taxpayer may…

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Three types of Creditors in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

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When considering filing for a Reorganization of debt under Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Protection, Petitioner’s should be aware of the three categories of debt included; Priority, Secured and Unsecured debts. Priority debts in the Chapter 13 Bankruptcy include costs and fees associated with the Chapter 13 filing, some tax debts and domestic support obligations.  Secured Debts…

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File Bankruptcy and Keep Your House, Car and Property

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Many Philadelphians would like to file bankruptcy, but hesitate because they believe they will lose all of their assets and property. If this describes you, there is good news: bankruptcy exemptions allow you to protect many of your valuable belongings and possessions, while still enjoying the financial benefits of debt relief. Read on to hear…

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