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Why Bankruptcy isn’t as Scary as You Think

Quakertown, PA Foreclosure Lawyer

The term bankruptcy usually comes with a negative perception. Many people automatically think financial ruin, business closures, and tarnished credit. And of course, no one starts a business or begins a career hoping for bankruptcy, but in reality, it can actually be a very positive thing for the filer. The problem is most people don’t…

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Does Timing Matter When Filing for Bankruptcy?

Quakertown, PA Bankruptcy Lawyer

Not everyone who is struggling with debt needs to file bankruptcy. But there are a number of reasons why someone may consider it. While medical debt tops bankruptcy cases in the US, credit card debt, mortgage debt, and a failed business are other common motivators for filing. If you fall under one of these categories…

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The Three Types of Debt Borrowers Should Understand

All of your debts fall into one of three categories, and different bankruptcy chapters treat them differently. Knowing the types of debt you’re carrying can help you and your attorney make strategic decisions. They won’t be the only determinant of which chapter you file. You still can’t file Chapter 7 if you don’t pass the…

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In the News: Relief for Veterans

This year, the passage of the HAVEN Act brings new relief to veterans who are facing financial distress. The abbreviation stands for “Honoring American Veterans in Extreme Need,” and corrects a major problem faced by military borrowers. Prior to the passage of the act, bankruptcy courts could use the Department of Defense disability payments to…

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In the News: Discharge vs. Arbitration

Recently, a judge in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania made a ruling which could impact any Pennsylvania resident who has signed arbitration agreements with any creditor. “On September 17, the Eastern District of PA granted a creditor’s request to compel arbitration over a plaintiff’s argument that the arbitration agreement he had signed was void as…

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Medical Centers Growing Aggressive About Debt Collections

Medical bills have been a leading cause for bankruptcy cases for a long time. Over half of most people’s unpaid debt comes from medical bills. But in some parts of the country, hospitals are all but forcing bankruptcies with aggressive debt collection practices that leave former patients in dire straits. Many hospitals have generous financial…

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How to Spot a Student Loan Scam

There are few debts more stressful than student loans. While in cases of extreme hardship they can be discharged through bankruptcy it’s very hard to do so. That means plenty of Americans are feeling the strain of huge payments and debt loads they may never see the end of. And scammers are stepping in to…

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How Bankruptcy Can Save Your House

Facing foreclosure? You can run out of options fast. You apply for a mortgage modification, only for the bank to deny it. You try to catch up, and you find it impossible. You try to stall through any of the legal remedies open to you, and you fend off scammers. But you’re really only buying…

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