3 Things You Need to Know About Bankruptcy

If you’re in debt and you’re thinking about filing for bankruptcy, then it’s likely that you’re worried. Bankruptcy is a complex and confusing process. A lot is at stake and your financial future is uncertain. Learn from the experienced bankruptcy attorneys at Sadek and Cooper Law Offices to better prepare yourself for the road ahead.…

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Are You Dealing with Zombie Debt?

Maybe you paid it. Maybe it’s just so old you don’t even remember it. Or maybe it doesn’t even belong to you, just someone who shares your name. Whatever the cause, it’s a zombie debt, a debt that’s hard to slay because it just seems to keep coming back. And it can be some of…


5 Reasons Credit Counselors May Not Be the Answer to Your Debt Problem

One of the options many of our clients consider before showing up for their free consultation is a credit counseling service. These services are not to be confused with the mandatory credit counseling all bankruptcy filers have to go through. One gets involved in managing parts of your financial life, while the other is an…


7 Things You Should Never Do When a Debt Goes to Collections

So your financial situation is getting worse and one of your debts has gone to collections. While you shouldn’t panic, there are plenty of things you can do at this point to make your financial life a lot worse. Here are seven things you should avoid at all costs. Ignore the initial letter. When your…


What to Expect at a 341 Hearing

When you file for bankruptcy you will, at some point, find yourself at a 341 hearing. This hearing is also called the meeting of the creditors hearing. You, your attorney, any creditors who wish to show up and your trustee will be present. For the most part, these hearings are not terribly exciting, though we…

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4 Reasons You Should Never Be Ashamed to File for Bankruptcy

As Philadelphia bankruptcy lawyers we are often confronted with clients who are concerned about filing. Some of those concerns are tangible, physical worries, like whether they’ll be able to keep the house or whether they will ever be able to get credit again.Others are far more emotional. And one of the most prominent emotions, the…


How to Deal with Collection Calls

It starts happening almost as soon as you start getting behind on your bills. Some, or all, of those bills get sent on to third-party collection agencies. When that happens, the calls start, sometimes multiple times a day. If you make the mistake of answering the phone you’ll be badgered, shamed, and cajoled into paying…


Can I Include Medical Debt in a Bankruptcy?

If you’re like 2 million other Americans, you may struggle with medical debts, even if you have insurance.  Medical care costs are skyrocketing, insurance covers less than it ever did, and premiums are through the roof if you’re lucky enough to have it all. Some people struggle to pay for routine doctor’s visits. If the…


Can I Buy a Car After Bankruptcy?

While Philadelphia is blessed with a pretty good Walk Score at 79, most of our bankruptcy clients find they both need and want to have a car. And while some people walk out of bankruptcy declaring they will never sign on to get another car payment ever again, preferring to get a cheap used car…


Why Bankruptcy Increases Your Credit Score

Afraid your credit score will never recover if you choose to file bankruptcy? You’re not alone. As Philadelphia bankruptcy attorneys, we hear this fear a lot. The amount of misinformation out there doesn’t help. But believe it or not, you don’t have anything to be afraid of. Bankruptcy actually improves most people’s credit score. Here’s why. If…


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