Life after bankruptcy

new life, new shoes

One thing to always remember is rebuilding your credit will take time. Just as when you were starting out, it takes time to rebuild…

Bankruptcy myths

file that says myth

Many believe that when filing for bankruptcy, not only does it ruin your financial future, but it also should be seen as a personal failure. This is simply not the case.

Does Timing Matter When Filing for Bankruptcy?

Not everyone who is struggling with debt needs to file bankruptcy. But there are a number of reasons why someone may consider it. While medical debt tops bankruptcy cases in the US, credit card debt, mortgage debt, and a failed business are other common motivators for filing. If you fall under one of these categories […]

5 Things You Should Know About Collection Agents

Collection calls are annoying. They’re stressful. They’ve been known to reduce strong individuals to tears, and they’ve been known to wring money out of people who will have to go without groceries or medicine to satisfy them. That’s why it’s extremely important to realize what you’re dealing with. And what your rights are. #1) Collection […]

Why People File for Bankruptcy

While many people would like to dispute it, numbers don’t lie. The American Journal of  Public Health recently ran a study which discovered medical debt accounts for 66.5% of all bankruptcies. See also: Tips for Tackling Medical Debt. Student loans account for 32%. That means only 2% of bankruptcies are caused by credit card debt. […]

In the News: Boy Scouts May File Bankruptcy

If you’ve been struggling with the moral implications of filing for bankruptcy, struggle no more. After all, the Boy Scouts of America are known, among other things, for being “thrifty, brave, clean, and kind.” Yet even that famous BSA thrift hasn’t stopped them from needing to consider a Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Though the organization hasn’t […]

5 Successful People Who Bounced Back from Bankruptcy

As Pennsylvania bankruptcy attorneys we run into many people who are afraid bankruptcy is going to be the end of the world for them. We spend a lot of time calming people’s fears that life may never be the same. Most of the time, these fears have even caused them to wait way too long […]