How Bankruptcy Can Save Your House

Facing foreclosure? You can run out of options fast. You apply for a mortgage modification, only for the bank to deny it. You try to catch up, and you find it impossible. You try to stall through any of the legal remedies open to you, and you fend off scammers. But you’re really only buying […]

How to Spot a Foreclosure Scam

You’re vulnerable when you’re facing foreclosure. You’re under a lot of stress, and you may not know what you should do to protect your home. So if you’re in this situation, it’s very important for you to know the signs of a mortgage scam so you don’t lose money you can ill-afford to lose. Asking […]

Understanding the New Jersey Foreclosure Process

In New Jersey, foreclosure happens over a series of steps. Understanding these steps helps you understand your options, and how you might mount a foreclosure defense. Keep in mind the earlier you seek and obtain representation during this process, the more likely you are to keep your home. There are a series of decisions you’ll […]

5 Things to Know About PA Sheriff’s Sales

Last year, Pennsylvania was one of the states with the highest foreclosure rates in America. And the sad end result of most foreclosure actions is a Sheriff’s Sale, whereupon the property is sold to the highest bidder. If you’re one of the thousands of Pennsylvania residents who fears foreclosure, this is what you need to […]

When Should Chapter 13 Be Used as a Stalling Tactic?

In a previous post we discussed how some clients file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy as a legal stalling tactic, one that gives them some time to maneuver into a better position. As you can imagine, this isn’t a strategy one embarks on lightly. It can, however, be an appropriate strategy when one is using a […]

New Jersey Tops the Nation for Foreclosures

Many people think of the 2008 housing crisis as something which came and went over the course of four years. Over and done with. For some, however, the nightmare never stopped. The 2017 statistics are out, and they place New Jersey at the top of the nation for the number of foreclosures that took place […]

Federal Courts: Foreclosures Must Comply with FDCPA

If you are in the middle of a foreclosure proceeding at some point there’s a good chance you’ll stop receiving notices from your bank. Instead, you’ll be receiving notices from whatever foreclosure attorney represents your bank as they move through the steps required to relieve you of your home. Though it has been a hotly […]

New Bill May Make Life Easier for Reverse Mortgage Borrowers

As Philadelphia bankruptcy and foreclosure defense lawyers we keep careful watch over legislative changes which may impact our clients. One of the types of foreclosure defense cases we receive involves reverse mortgages. You may have seen these mortgages advertised on television. They’re marketed primarily to the elderly, people who typically have a great deal of […]

How Can I Stop a Home Foreclosure in Pennsylvania?

mortgage foreclosure attorney

Home-ownership is part of the American dream and something that many people aspire to achieve. Once they do have a home, most people pour their heart and soul into it while creating years of memories. We understand that facing foreclosure is an extremely difficult situation, but we also encourage homeowners who are facing foreclosure to […]