Philly Bankruptcy Attorney

Over 500 Five Star Reviews


Philly Bankruptcy Attorney

Over 500 Five Star Reviews


Philly Bankruptcy Attorney

Philly Bankruptcy Attorney

Philly Bankruptcy AttorneyAre you looking at a mountain of unpaid bills that only seems to grow bigger and each and every day? Are you worried unemployment is going to keep you from paying medical bills, utilities, or credit card installments?

Debt creates a significant amount of stress in a household or in a company. As the amount of debt grows, so does the related anxiety, and it can make it hard to see opportunities to start with a clean slate. This is where a Philly attorney steps in.

A Philly bankruptcy attorney at Sadek & Cooper Law Offices can help you see the possibility and potential of becoming debt free. As a highly respected and experienced bankruptcy law firm in Philly, our team considers solutions and strategies overlooked by other legal providers – and ultimately help our clients reach a better outcome through a smoother bankruptcy process.

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Individual Approach to Your Bankruptcy in Philly

A bankruptcy attorney in Philly has seen hundreds, if not thousands, of bankruptcy applications. However, no two are exactly the same. Each bankruptcy case and financial situation is individual and singular. Your case is similarly unique, and therefore deserves unique consideration by a Philly bankruptcy lawyer .

The individualized approach to legal counsel at Sadek & Cooper Law Offices truly sets us apart from other firms, but more importantly it garners better results for our clients.

At Sadek & Cooper Law Offices, we learn the specifics of your situation before taking any action with the court or your creditors. Only after understanding the details of your case and putting together the big picture of your finances does our team advise on filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, or business bankruptcy. Sometimes, your financial and legal situations require that our Philly bankruptcy attorneys don’t recommend bankruptcy at all.

How We Help When Philly Bankruptcy Is the Right Choice

Our Philly law firm handles legal matters involving divorce and child custody, IRS negotiation, and tax foreclosure, and in particular, we focus on helping Philly residents through bankruptcy. When you work with Sadek & Cooper Law Offices, a bankruptcy attorney in Philly is with you through every step of a bankruptcy, from filing a petition, until receipt of your discharge order. Here’s how we help:

  • Recommend the type of bankruptcy to file;
  • Prepare you for bankruptcy process and timeframe;
  • Prepare appropriate paperwork;
  • Collect information on your debts and past-due payments;
  • Determine strategies to make the process easier and more efficient;
  • Provide regular updates on your case;
  • Head off potential problems or complications;
  • Communicate with the court and trustee;
  • Negotiate with your creditors; and
  • Ensure deadlines and due dates are all met.

Get in Touch with a Philly Bankruptcy Attorney

Don’t let the weight of debt and unpaid bills continue to hold you down or keep you from a healthy financial future. With the assistance of a local, Philly bankruptcy attorney, you can start on a path to repayment and debt-free future. It’s a possibility that’s only a phone call away when you contact the Philly office of Sadek & Cooper Law Offices.

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