Is Bankruptcy worth it?

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Collection calls and out of control debt should not be your norm. Call a Philadelphia bankruptcy attorney to start your path toward financial relief today!

The eviction moratorium is over. What now?

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Landlords and debtors are ready to start collecting missed payments. While this news is disheartening, there is still hope. If you are behind on rent or mortgage payments, now is not the time to give up.

Debt collector harassment? Stop them in their tracks.

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While states are beginning to open back up, many people in Philadelphia County are still out of work or operating under reduced hours. As they scramble to pay daily bills such as rent and food, it’s likely that individuals will turn toward their credit cards, putting them even deeper in debt.

The Second Wave: Are Homes In Jeopardy Of Foreclosure?

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If we see a return of the pandemic, it is highly likely that thousands of homeowners will lose their homes in the wake of the second wave. Rather than giving up or doing nothing, now is the time for you to take action!

Can bankruptcy save the American economy?

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While bankruptcy tends to be a consumer’s last thought as an answer to their debt problems, some studies are now showing that debt relief programs may actually be the saving grace of our nation’s economy.