It is possible to get a new loan after bankruptcy!

A debtor after filing for bankruptcy protection may be a good candidate for a new home or automobile loan for the following reasons:

  1. No longer carrying high interest debt,
  2. Can’t file a Chapter 7 again for 8 years,
  3. Improved debt-to-income ratio and
  4. Improved credit score.

There are many ways to improve your credit after a bankruptcy filing.  A combination of opening a bank account and keeping a positive balance, paying all expenses including utility, rent, mortgage, insurance, and car payments on a timely basis will all benefit credit rating and chances of obtaining favorable credit terms.

In order to qualify for a loan after a bankruptcy filing you want to show a potential lender that you can go a sustainable amount of time, approximately six (6) months or more without incurring new debt or being late on existing expenses such as utilities.  During that period of time research your new purchase and/or loan.  Comparison shop different lenders, realtors and dealerships.  A little homework can go a long way and save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Please follow the link on this website for a list of bankruptcy friendly lenders who serve the Philadelphia, PA area and are ready to discuss the extension of credit for a new home loan or automobile after a bankruptcy filing with Sadek Law Offices, LLC.

If there are any general questions or topics you would like to read about relating to bankruptcy law in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania region, you may contact Sadek Law Offices, LLC at 215-545-0008 or email
brad@sadek-cooper-site. Thank you.

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