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We make it easy to connect with a Montgomery County lawyer at Sadek & Cooper. You can contact our office 24/7 by phone or email and expect a quick response from a member of our legal team. We will schedule a free initial consultation at a time and place convenient for you and begin collecting information about your case.

Every initial consultation at Sadek & Cooper requires no commitment and is entirely confidential and free of charge – even if you decide not to hire a Montgomery County bankruptcy lawyer for your case. Ready to take the next step towards financial freedom and a future free of debt collectors or the threat of foreclosure? Sadek & Cooper is ready to help.

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When you hire our firm to manage your case, you hire a team of legal advocates who care, who will keep you informed, and who will fight for you every step of the way. Your phone calls are promptly returned by our lawyers and professional staff. We’re available 24/7 to talk about debt relief strategies for your current situation. We also provide new clients a free consultation with a licensed attorney, and have flexible and affordable payment plans for any client who may need assistance. Call our experienced lawyers in Montgomery County for exemplary debt relief legal services and get the financial relief you deserve.

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Bankruptcy Law

Montgomery County Chapter 13

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a legal process in Montgomery County that allows people to repay their debts over time while having the opportunity to keep valuable assets, like a home. Call our bankruptcy attorneys to receive a free consultation and review of your financial situation and determine a debt reorganization strategy that’s right for you.

Montgomery County Chapter 7

A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is an immediate discharge or wiping out of unsecured debts. Debts that can be included in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy are credit card debts, medical bills, personal unsecured loans, timeshares, certain tax debts, and more. Call our attorneys in Montgomery County and receive free consultations and reviews of your financial situation to determine a strategy that’s right for you.

Montgomery County Bankruptcy Alternatives

There are alternatives to filing bankruptcy in Montgomery County that can lower your debt and stress for certain situations. Services like foreclosure defense, IRS defense, and other debt-relief services can be an effective strategy to get your debt under control. Call our attorneys in Montgomery County and receive free consultations and reviews of your financial situation to determine a strategy that’s right for you.

Foreclosure Defense

Montgomery County Mortgage Modification

Oftentimes a hardship such as unemployment, reduction in income, divorce or separation, or unanticipated expenses lead to a late or unpaid mortgage payments. When such a hardship occurs a mortgage modification may be a viable option, especially if other debts (credit cards, vehicle payments, etc.) are substantially current or non-existent.

Montgomery County Pre-Foreclosure Forbearance Plan

Prior to a mortgage foreclosure in Montgomery County taking place, the mortgagee may be open to postponing a sale based on the reinstatement amount being repaid over a short period of time.

Montgomery County Short Sale

A short sale of property is a tool used in Montgomery County to stay an imminent mortgage foreclosure. A short sale is where the mortgagor sells the subject property “short” of the mortgage amount.

Debt Relief

Montgomery County Debt Settlement

An alternative to declaring bankruptcy, our lawyers in Montgomery County can negotiate with a creditor to settle a debt for less than what is owed.

Montgomery County Debt Consolidation

Similar to a debt settlement, consolidating your debt involves making a single payment to all your creditors for a reduced amount to what is owed. Our lawyers in Montgomery County work with your creditors to negotiate these payments.

IRS Defense

Montgomery County Offer in Compromise

An offer in compromise (OIC) is an agreement between a taxpayer in Montgomery County and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) that settles the taxpayer’s tax liabilities for less than the full amount owed.

Montgomery County IRS Installment Agreements

For those in Montgomery County who cannot resolve their tax debt through an offer in compromise, an installment agreement can allow a taxpayer to devise a reasonable payment plan option.

You can expect the following services when working with our Montgomery County bankruptcy lawyers:

Sadek & Cooper started as a focused and personal boutique law firm and that is exactly what we remain to this day. Our team is comprised of Philadelphia and Montgomery County’s top bankruptcy and foreclosure lawyers and we carefully balance our caseload to serve you best. We remain committed to face-to-face conferences and individualized attention for each of our clients, no matter the complexity of your legal problem.

To ensure we provide high-quality service in each and every bankruptcy or foreclosure case, Sadek & Cooper looks to assist clients near one of our Southeast Pennsylvania or Western New Jersey offices. We are a local bankruptcy and foreclosure law firm that is truly serving the Montgomery County community.

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About Our Montgomery County Law Firm

Areas of Practice in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

At Sadek & Cooper, we want to provide the very best legal services possible. For this reason, our boutique law firm maintains a narrow focus on bankruptcyforeclosurefamily law, and similar legal matters. We are firmly dedicated to these areas of practice because each and every day we see how our legal representation impacts our clients’ lives. We strive to better the Montgomery County community, and we are ready to tackle your legal issue.

Contact our knowledgeable team in Montgomery County with questions related to any of the following areas of practice:

Find Out More About Our Practice in Montgomery County

Bankruptcy Lawyer in Montgomery County, PA

Do you need a Montgomery County bankruptcy lawyer? Look no further. When it comes to bankruptcy matters in Montgomery County, Sadek & Cooper is one of the most reputable and highly rated law firms in the area. We have extensive prior experience in this area of the law, with a great deal of success. You can learn more about our past cases through client testimonials and reviews here.

Our legal team handles a wide range of issues and questions related to bankruptcy law in Montgomery County, including those cases that involve unique circumstances or complex business arrangements. Our prior experience extends to:

We believe it is incredibly important that a local, knowledgeable lawyer in Montgomery County handles your bankruptcy matter. The decision to file for bankruptcy in Montgomery County is personal and often complicated. You could feel a great deal of uncertainty over the potential outcome of a bankruptcy case and unsure of the consequences.

Sadek & Copper will take the time to explain each and every step in the bankruptcy process. This personal approach is a central part of our commitment to our clients and one way our bankruptcy firm is different from the bigger, nationwide law firms out there.

Foreclosure Lawyer in Montgomery County, PA

The possibility of losing your home or commercial property to foreclosure is scary. Whether you received a notice of foreclosure or just missed a mortgage payment, the time to contact a Montgomery County foreclosure lawyer is right now. The sooner you act to stop or delay a foreclosure, the more assistance our team at Sadek & Cooper can provide.

Foreclosure lawyers in our office are prepared to forcefully and strategically fight foreclosure on your home in Montgomery County. We fully understand the foreclosure laws in Pennsylvania and have successfully defended against foreclosure actions in the state. At Sadek & Cooper, we have experience with a variety of foreclosure defenses, including the following:

  • Contest the case based on failure to follow the procedure;
  • Argue the loan was unconscionable;
  • Prove the bank violated a provision of the loan agreements;
  • Negotiate for a short sale; or
  • Fight for a delay of foreclosure sale or auction.

Your path to fighting foreclosure and solving the financial struggle that led to missed mortgage payments or unpaid taxes is right here at Sadek & Cooper. We help you identify weaknesses, procedure flaws, and mistakes in the bank’s case and develop a strategy in your defense. Our assessment of your case and foreclosure in Montgomery County begins with a free consultation at one of our local offices.

Need Information on Our Other Locations Served?

Our team of bankruptcy, foreclosure, and family law attorneys quickly developed a reputation as tough and client-oriented advocates.

As a local law firm, Sadek & Cooper handles a substantial number of cases in Montgomery County. We have also expanded to other areas of Eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey. If your legal issue is outside Montgomery County, you can learn more about our legal services in any of the following areas:

If you are looking for bankruptcy, foreclosure, or general litigation lawyer in any of these locations, reach out to our local offices in:

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The bankruptcy lawyers of Sadek & Cooper are dedicated to providing bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy solutions for people looking to handle their debt problems. We are proud to help hard-working people in Pennsylvania and New Jersey get out of debt and on the path to a fresh financial start. To schedule a free and confidential consultation, call us at (610)-951-4655 or contact us online.

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Our Reviews

  • 5 star review  Brad Sadek was honest and straightforward regarding our case. He discussed our options and helped us navigate a very complicated case. Would highly recommend his services.

    thumb Ryan BeVier

    5 star review  Amazing law firm. Matthew did excellent job resolving my case.

    thumb Yakup Erden

    5 star review  Sadek and Cooper really went the extra mile for me and my bankruptcy case. Even after my case was approved in court, Sadek, months later, helped me track down some of my accounts that hadn't yet annulled my debt. They were always professional and quick to respond. And, again, they really went the extra mile in helping me. I couldn't recommend them more highly.

    thumb Corey Reidy
  • 5 star review  In a word: Outstanding. Sadek and Cooper Law Offices do not disappear once you've paid. They are available to answer questions from start to finish. Filing for bankruptcy is a long, complex, difficult process. I feel Sadek and Cooper do all they can to help people get through it. I was helped by a whole team of professionals with my case. They really shined bright with their valuable experience; they thought of things that I would never have thought about in a million years. I'm sure so many people will be forced to file this year and next year due to COVID etc. At least, with Sadek and Cooper, you can have a good law team to help you get through these hard times. Their fees are very low but who cares, because their services are priceless.

    thumb Crew Ajarn

    5 star review  Very friendly and professional. Provided great advice and wasn't pushy. I am very happy I listened to all these prior wonderful reviews.

    thumb Maria Shah

    5 star review  Brad was a tremendous assistance in the time of need. If you are in need of a lawyer in the Philadelphia area look no further!

    thumb Aldo Erickson
  • 5 star review  Mr. Sadek gave sound and coherent counsel; the entire office was very responsive and professional.

    thumb Jennifer Navva Milliken

    5 star review  Fantastic services received by Brad and his staff. Would highly recommend this firm to anyone!

    thumb Sheridan Apple

    5 star review  Excellent law firm. Brad was very easy to work with, his staff was outstanding. I highly recommend Sadek and Cooper.

    thumb Adolph Dunn
  • 5 star review  Very pleased with the representation I received from Sadek and Cooper. I would rank them among the best attorneys I have had the pleasure of working with.

    thumb Shane Perkins

    5 star review  Very happy I chose Brad Sadek to assist me in my Debt Relief. He was super helpful through out the process, his knowledge is where you would expect and beyond. Very friendly and all the employees at the firm treat you like family.

    thumb Karl Valentine

    5 star review  I'm very happy with Saked and Cooper. While mine was a small case, Brad helped me negotiate and settle a lingering debt dispute at a very fair price and in a timely fashion. I couldn't have gotten a better result from anyone and am more than impressed with the service I received.

    thumb Daniel Mellbye

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