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You can expect the following services when working with our Bucks County bankruptcy lawyers:

The Bucks County, Pennsylvania Bankruptcy law firm of Sadek & Cooper Law Offices represents the legal needs of our clients and their businesses in the Bucks County, Pennsylvania area. Whether you reside in Trevose, Yardley, Doylestown, Bristol, Morrisville, or in a different town in Bucks County or the surrounding areas, we can help with your bankruptcy concerns. Our firm provides bankruptcy services to individuals and businesses including:

  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy for individuals and companies in Bucks County.
  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy for individuals.
  • Bankruptcy alternatives
  • Mortgage home foreclosure defense
  • Tax foreclosure defense

Hiring a Bankruptcy Lawyer vs. Going Pro Se

When you’re in the middle of financial distress it’s natural to want to tighten your fist. Fears of having to pay a lawyer exorbitant fees might drive you to try to represent yourself in bankruptcy court.

This is a major mistake. Here’s why.

Likelihood of a Successful Case

Did you know when you represent yourself pro se the judge will hold you to the exact same standards as any lawyer? This means you’re expected to know exactly what we’d know as if you’d gone to law school for three years. You’re expected to know as much as someone who has taken and passed the bar.

And really, you’re expected to know as much as someone who has practiced law for several years. Judges get impatient with rookie lawyers who don’t know what they’re doing too.

Only 69% of pro se Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases get discharged; 95% of those represented by attorneys do. Only 0.4% of pro se filers manage to get their Chapter 13 case discharged. If Chapter 13 is the right way to go it’s almost impossible to handle the case without an attorney.

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Amount of Money Saved

Hiring a bankruptcy attorney and paying filing fees costs less than $2000 on average for a Chapter 7 filer and anywhere from $3400 to $3900 on average for a Chapter 13 filer. Meanwhile, the average household carries $137,063 in debt.

If your debt is around the average and you can’t get that debt discharged you will continue to owe $137,063.

If, with an attorney’s help, the debt is fully discharged you will owe $2000 or less.

Of course, if you file Chapter 13 you’ll still be paying down a portion of your debts. But let’s say you pay 75% of your debt before receiving your discharge. At that point you’ve paid $102,797 plus, as a worst case scenario, $3900 in legal and filing fees. You’ve still saved 23% of what you owe.

Thus, you save way more than you lose by hiring a bankruptcy attorney.

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Gaining Access to Additional Solutions

What if bankruptcy isn’t even your best solution? For example, what if you’re facing foreclosure and just need a solid foreclosure defense that doesn’t involve bankruptcy at all? There are even agencies that can help.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that before committing to the bankruptcy process? When bankruptcy is the right solution it can be an incredible tool. But it has to be the right solution first.

As your bankruptcy attorneys we will help you look at all your options to make sure you’re choosing the right one.

Of course, bankruptcy itself can be a smart foreclosure defense, and there’s plenty you can do to improve your situation while you’re in bankruptcy. But you need guidance to take advantage of them.

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Staying Out of Prison

Bankruptcy fraud is a crime, and unfortunately it’s all-too-easy to get accused of it if you don’t know what you’re doing. The law doesn’t care you were making mistakes in good faith. If you do something which can leave you open to criminal charges, you can go to jail.

And if you don’t have a good lawyer by your side, you certainly won’t be able to mount a defense which might encourage the judge to go easy on you.

Remember, bankruptcy fraud is a federal crime. Is saving a couple of thousand dollars really worth the risk?

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Ready for Your Free Consultation?

At Sadek and Cooper we work hard to keep bankruptcy legal fees affordable. We offer a free consultation, and we offer payment plans.

Bankruptcy Lawyer in Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Our firm can also assist with handling tax debts including negotiating with the IRS, real estate law concerns, and business law fears.

The attorneys of Sadek & Cooper serve the residents and businesses of Bucks County during their most difficult financial times.  From our Levittown, Pennsylvania law office, we concentrate on providing debt resolution and related legal services for our clients. Our office provides a free initial consultation with a lawyer to all potential clients looking for information and options regarding debt reduction or elimination. From our primary law office in Center City, Philadelphia, and our multiple branch offices, our law firm has helped 1,000s of Pennsylvanians resolve their debt issues and obtain their financial freedom. We look forward to putting our experience to work for you.

To schedule an initial consultation with one of our Bucks County Bankruptcy attorneys, you may contact our office at (215)-545-0008. Phone calls are answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Bankruptcies in Bucks County

The attorneys of Sadek & Cooper are proud to state that we have more than 4,000 satisfied clients whom we have assisted with bankruptcy or provided other legal solutions. At Sadek & Cooper we with special attention paid to client service. Regardless of the hour you call, a representative for the office is available to answer at any time of the day – 24/7. Furthermore, when you work with us, we will handle all creditor calls, negotiate with your creditors, and take all requested steps to address your debt or other legal concerns. To name a few of the services our attorney can provide, our bankruptcy lawyers have protected clients’ homes from mortgage and tax foreclosure and eliminated credit card debts and medical bills.

At Sadek & Cooper we believe that all individuals should have access to trusted representation. As recognized “Super Lawyers,” you can expect high-quality and strategic representation. To increase access to dependable legal representation, we offer free consultations, flat-fee engagements, and we can also arrange a payment plan.

Bucks County Bankruptcy Attorneys

At Sadek & Cooper Law Offices we understand the stress your situation may cause. No person enjoys being hounded and badgered multiple times a day by bill collectors regarding unpaid debts and other unsatisfied obligations. We understand the anxiety and stress that often accompany these calls, and therefore our bankruptcy lawyers and staff always strive to return calls promptly. At Sadek & Cooper our staff cares about you and your concerns and will take all reasonable steps to minimize the time it takes to return calls and e-mails.

If you are considering filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Pennsylvania, it is essential to consult with an attorney who can explain how the U.S. Bankruptcy Code will apply to your situation. He or she can explain what form of bankruptcy, if any, is most likely to achieve a favorable result for you. To schedule an initial consultation with one of our Bucks County attorneys, you may contact our office at 215.545.1055. Phone calls are answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Work with Our Dedicated and Experienced Bankruptcy Lawyers

The bankruptcy lawyers of Sadek & Cooper are dedicated to providing bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy solutions for people looking to handle their debt problems. We are proud to help hard-working people in Pennsylvania and New Jersey get out of debt and on the path to a fresh financial start. To schedule a free and confidential consultation, call us at 215-545-0008 or contact us online.

The Sadek & Cooper Difference

  • Over 4,000 Satisfied Clients
  • Super Lawyers Listed
  • No More Credit Card Debt
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  • No More Personal Loan Debt
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  • Answering ALL your Creditor Calls
  • Save Your Home From Foreclosure
  • No More Medical Bills, Collections, and Other Debts
  • Payment Plans Available
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