Chesterbrook, PA Law Office

Over 500 Five Star Reviews


Chesterbrook, PA Law Office

Over 500 Five Star Reviews


Chesterbrook, PA Law Office

If you live in Chester County you don’t have to travel far to get help with your bankruptcy case. Our Chesterbrook, PA Law Office is conveniently located for Chesterbrook, PA residents. Named the 8th best place to live in America, it’s our privilege to serve clients here.

And while the local area is gorgeous, we’ve met plenty of clients who need help saving their homes, or who need a fresh financial start with the help of a bankruptcy case.

It’s little wonder. The cost of living in Chesterbrook is 34% higher than the Pennsylvania average and 33% higher than the national average. Housing is particularly challenging. Housing costs here are 81% of the national average, which means people are struggling to keep their housing costs within recommended budgeting percentages.

And a 4.10% unemployment rate means plenty of Chesterbrook residents are struggling just to get by. If you’re one of them, our legal services can help.

Bankruptcy and foreclosure defense are not DIY jobs!

If you’re already fighting a hard financial battle you may be tempted to try to save your home or to file bankruptcy yourself, using internet forms and other resources. Please rethink that stance. Without the right legal representation, you could lose everything.

Let’s take a foreclosure, for example. Many homeowners first try to save their home with a loan modification. But banks are notorious about dragging their feet, “losing” paperwork, and, in general, making the process just as hard as possible. They do the same on approving short sales, another strategy for preserving one’s credit if no one’s ability to live in the family home.

Many homeowners just need time. Time an attorney can offer. Others need competent legal advice to help them exercise their rights or other strategies which may be available to them. Legal representation puts weapons in your arsenal you might not have had before.

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Then there’s bankruptcy. While it may seem a straightforward process at first glance, there are many pitfalls. For example, the courts may define “assets” in a way that’s counter-intuitive to you, which means you could end up leaving assets out of your declarations.

This could lead to your case getting thrown out, or even criminal fraud charges. And if creditors show up to challenge your right to declare for bankruptcy you’ll be in hot water. Pro se filers are held to the same standard as full attorneys. It’s very easy to get into trouble.

Fortunately, we make it easy and affordable to get the help you need.

We’re here for you, Chesterbrook.

We know we can’t help you improve your financial situation if we’re the people making it actively worse. That’s why the first consultation is always free, and why we offer reasonable and affordable payment plans to all our clients.

Don’t drown. Call Sadek & Cooper today to schedule your appointment.

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