Creditor Objections in Bankruptcy Filing

Many of the bankruptcy cases and referrals that Sadek Law Offices, LLC handles involves litigation ancillary to a bankruptcy filing.  The litigation is usually commenced by a bankruptcy creditor filing a motion for relief from the automatic stay imputed by virtue of section 362 of the Bankruptcy code.

It is statutory law in Bankruptcy law that debt(s) which are derived from fraud, false pretenses or false representations may not be discharged in a bankruptcy proceeding.  Creditors rely heavily on this statute to object to a discharge in bankruptcy and seek a motion for relief from the automatic stay.

Although a motion for relief and/or an objection to discharge can be a powerful tool for a creditor, our law office has been very successful in overcoming such motions and related creditor motions for the benefit of our clients.  In the event that you have a possible more difficult case due to a potential creditor objection, please contact our office for a free consultation regarding your legal matter.

If there are any general questions or topics you would like to read about relating to bankruptcy law in the Eastern Pennsylvania region, you may contact the Bankruptcy Lawyers at Sadek Law Offices, LLC at 215-545-0008 or 610-432-3111 or email brad@sadek-cooper-site. Thank you.

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