Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Case Timeline & Steps

The basic timeline of Chapter 7 bankruptcy is 4-6 months long. An experienced bankruptcy attorney can help you get through all the steps: Step 1) Getting your information in order. Step 2) Filling out the paperwork. Step 3) Take debt counseling courses…

Foreclosed home sales are restarting online

At this point in time, there are approximately 350 properties set to be auctioned online through sheriff sales due to foreclosure in Philadelphia. A foreclosure lawyer can help you avoid being one of them.

Bankruptcy Phobia: The 3 Biggest Bankruptcy Fears

There is no reason to be embarrassed about taking responsibility for your finances and doing away with debt through the legal process, but many filers feel bankruptcy-phobia. Filling for Bankruptcy using a local bankruptcy lawyer is your best chance to get your debt under control.

Is it worth hiring a bankruptcy attorney?

Many people try to postpone hiring a bankruptcy lawyer or even attempt filing by themselves to save money. Here are 6 reasons why it saves you money to hire a bankruptcy attorney.

Do I get to keep my stuff in bankruptcy?

Exemptions can help protect your property in a bankruptcy case. It is important to talk to a bankruptcy attorney near you who can help you understand the plan best for you and show you how the benefits of bankruptcy will work out in your unique case.

How to Keep Rental Property in Bankruptcy

landlord houses

If you are a rental property owner looking to escape financial ruin, contact a local bankruptcy attorney today. Our bankruptcy lawyers will help guide you in keeping your rental properties and lowering your debt through Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Why hire a bankruptcy attorney?


Bankruptcy attorneys play a vital role in the process, and cutting them out can cause tragic and expensive consequences. Below are a few things that bankruptcy attorneys can do to help your bankruptcy.

Foreclosures are ramping up as moratoriums end

While congress did extend the foreclosure moratorium on HUD, VA, and USDA loans through March 31 and FHFA foreclosures were postponed until February 28, many Pennsylvania families are discovering that it’s not enough. But the right foreclosure attorney can help these families find their footing .