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Your Bankruptcy Checklist

If you’re thinking about filing for bankruptcy in the near future there are some steps you should take to get prepared. Following this checklist will make the entire process go a lot smoother. Step 1 – Stop taking out new debt. Stop using your credit cards and don’t apply for any more accounts. Spending too…

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End Debt, Save Your Marriage

Financial problems are the number one reason why people get divorced. In fact, some experts even suggest waiting to get married if you are carrying a lot of debt. Obviously not an option if you’re already married, struggling, and in trouble. Why does debt make couples fight? You certainly don’t walk into a financial conversation…


How to File Chapter 7 With No Money

If you’re contemplating bankruptcy you’re aware court fees and lawyer’s fees are most likely in your future. This concern keeps a lot of people from filing bankruptcy when they should. If you’re afraid bankruptcy will cost more than you can pay, read on. Recognize this form of bankruptcy is already designed for people with low…

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It’s Official: Financial Stress, Physical Health, and Mental Health are Linked

One of the reasons it’s so important to file bankruptcy in a timely fashion is the way debt can impact your physical and mental health. Numerous studies show these two issues can even create a vicious cycle, where one triggers the other. Physical health can enter this cycle, too. In fact, if you’re in debt…

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Will Declaring Bankruptcy Give the Court Access to My Bank Account?

While many people might assume you’re trying to do something wrong when you ask that question, usually it pops up in a bankruptcy case thanks to real, legitimate fears. After all, if a perfect stranger has access to your bank account, they might abuse the power, or do something that keeps you from buying food…

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Why Would I Want to Reaffirm A Debt?

“Reaffirming” a debt is an option you have after completing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. It means you’re once again taking on responsibility for that debt, and intend to pay it. This may seem like a loony thing to do when the courts have just released you from all legal obligations to touch the debt ever…

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Will I Be Able to Have Any Fun During A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

What’s your picture of what life looks like when you’re in the middle of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy? If you know a little bit about the Chapter 13 process then you already know you’ll have to live with a trustee-approved budget, and your disposable income will go to paying off your debts for 3 to…

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Holiday Gift Giving and Bankruptcy

Today is the biggest shopping day of the year, and many people will be taking to the street in search of the best deals. But if you’re in bankruptcy or close to filing, holiday gift giving, and receiving, can raise some tough questions. The average American spends $700 on Christmas gifts. The American Research Group…

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How Will My Bankruptcy Impact Co-Signers in New Jersey?

Maybe your mom did it. Or maybe your best friend did. Either way, someone in your life has co-signed for a loan. It’s probably a car loan (50% of them are), but it could be a personal loan, student loan, or credit card, too. Now you’re contemplating bankruptcy. What happens to your co-signer? You should…

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Philadelphia Foreclosure Law Firms – A list of firms that may have sent you correspondence

The foreclosure process is a complex one in Pennsylvania.  It is a process that no one ever intends or desires to go through.  However, the more one knows about the process the better they can navigate the foreclosure maze and increase their chances of keeping their home for years to come.  Generally, an individual or…


5 Ways Your Life Will Change After Bankruptcy

As bankruptcy attorneys in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, we often hear from people who are afraid their lives will be devastated after bankruptcy. Their fear of the unknown keeps them from taking advantage of this legal remedy for far too long. In truth, your life is likely to look much better after bankruptcy. The collection…

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What You Need to Know About Settling Debts

Maybe you’ve seen an ad on television or on the web which tells you that you can “settle your debts for pennies on the dollar.” Maybe a collection company has sent you a letter offering to settle your debt for less than the amount that’s owed. It may sound like a great deal. But you…

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7 Common Mistakes People Make When Trying to File Bankruptcy on Their Own

It’s just a fact. The vast majority of people who try to file for bankruptcy on their own (or pro se) don’t manage to achieve a successful bankruptcy discharge. Many go on to see their cases dismissed. Some end up facing far more serious consequences. The reason could be because they make any, or in…

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4 Signs It’s Time for Your Business to File for Bankruptcy Protection

In the past we’ve talked about signs it’s time to file for personal bankruptcy protection. But if you run a business it’s important to know when to file for business bankruptcy protection, too. Here are three things to watch out for. #1) You’re having a lot of trouble with cash flow. Most business experts will…

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Understanding the Automatic Stay

One of the most important parts of filing for bankruptcy is the automatic stay. It’s so important we thought it probably deserved a post all to itself. The purpose of the automatic stay is to give the bankruptcy case time to proceed and resolve without causing any new issues. This protection also exists to give…

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