4 Bankruptcy Pitfalls to Avoid

Bankruptcy doesn’t have to be terrifying. Done right it almost starts to seem a little banal. Your lawyer will tell you to take a step or sign a document. You’ll do it. The process will continue until you get your discharge. However, there are ways to add mountains of additional and unnecessary stress to the…


Why You’ll Definitely Get Credit Card Offers After Bankruptcy

Afraid you won’t get any credit card offers after bankruptcy? Believe, at best, you’ll be stuck with a small, secured credit card? As Philadelphia bankruptcy lawyers we hear this fear every day. Fortunately, there’s good news. Typically, credit card offers come pouring in directly after your discharge. There are several reasons. First, your credit score…


Department of Education Evaluates Undue Hardship

Student loans are incredibly difficult to discharge in bankruptcy. There was a time when you couldn’t discharge them at all. Eventually, undue hardship provisions offered a way forward for some borrowers. As Philadelphia bankruptcy attorneys, we’ve been pleased to help a few of our clients escape the difficulties associated with an excess of student loan debt.…


Modifying Your Home Loan While in Bankruptcy

Many clients who are trying to save their homes try loan modification before they try bankruptcy. It’s not a bad idea. The problem is, many banks turn loan modification into a frustrating, slow-moving, labyrinthine process. Often, the process does not move fast enough to protect a homeowner from foreclosure on its own. Back payments and…


New Jersey Tops the Nation for Foreclosures

Many people think of the 2008 housing crisis as something which came and went over the course of four years. Over and done with. For some, however, the nightmare never stopped. The 2017 statistics are out, and they place New Jersey at the top of the nation for the number of foreclosures that took place…


Federal Courts: Foreclosures Must Comply with FDCPA

If you are in the middle of a foreclosure proceeding at some point there’s a good chance you’ll stop receiving notices from your bank. Instead, you’ll be receiving notices from whatever foreclosure attorney represents your bank as they move through the steps required to relieve you of your home. Though it has been a hotly…


New Bill May Make Life Easier for Reverse Mortgage Borrowers

As Philadelphia bankruptcy and foreclosure defense lawyers we keep careful watch over legislative changes which may impact our clients. One of the types of foreclosure defense cases we receive involves reverse mortgages. You may have seen these mortgages advertised on television. They’re marketed primarily to the elderly, people who typically have a great deal of…


Does an Automatic Stay Stop Credit Reporting in New Jersey?

As bankruptcy lawyers practicing in New Jersey we encounter a lot of confusion from our clients about what creditors can and can’t do after the case gets filed. For example, many of our clients are surprised to find their creditors continuing to report delinquent accounts to Experian, TransUnion and Equifax even after they file. After…


What You Need to Know About Obtaining Assets After Filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

As Philadelphia bankruptcy attorneys we occasionally run into clients who have a hard time collecting claims from personal injury suits or workman’s comp claims after filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. We’ve even seen clients who have trouble holding on to inheritances, life insurance claims or other windfalls because they don’t handle these windfalls correctly in…


Should You Borrow from Your 401K to Avoid Bankruptcy?

As Philadelphia divorce lawyers some of the people we admire the most are the ones who will really do just about anything to try to meet their obligations. We often hear from people who are contemplating taking out a loan on their 401K to pay off their debts. Much as we admire these individuals, we…


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