King of Prussia, PA Foreclosure Lawyer

Over 500 Five Star Reviews


King of Prussia, PA Foreclosure Lawyer

Over 500 Five Star Reviews


King of Prussia, PA Foreclosure Lawyer

The cost of owning a home in Montgomery County is 1.5 times higher than the median cost of owning a home nationwide. Property taxes are high, and many homeowners labor under the burden of incorrect, overestimated assessments.

Is it any wonder Montgomery County still has the 4th highest foreclosure rate in a state that continues to have one of the highest foreclosure rates in the nation?

If you’re facing foreclosure, we can help. We’ve helped hundreds of residents in King of Prussia and surrounding areas save their homes, their credit report, or both.

When is it time to retain a foreclosure defense lawyer?

Ideally, you’ll do it the moment you know you have a problem.

If you can’t make even one month’s mortgage payment. If you can’t pay your property taxes.

It’s better to get help before the threat letters start. Before you have to defend against a Sheriff’s sale.

But as long as your home hasn’t been foreclosed on yet, there’s still hope. You just open up more options if you move faster. If you wait until a week before your home is supposed to be auctioned away bankruptcy is probably the only strategy you’re going to have left.

What are your foreclosure defense goals?

When you come to visit us you’ll need to have your goals firmly in mind. What’s your primary concern?

If you’re trying to retain the right to live on the property you’re going to adopt a very different defense than if you’re simply trying to negotiate a short sale so you can walk away from the property without tanking your credit score.

If you’re trying to recover from a property tax problem you may be pleasantly surprised. We’ve been very successful at working with various cities in Pennsylvania to negotiate good deals for our clients, especially in cities offering solid tax relief programs.

If that option isn’t available, there are plenty of other courses of action we can initiate on your behalf.

Mortgage Foreclosures, Tax Foreclosures: We Do Both

It doesn’t matter whether the bank is foreclosing, or whether King of Prussia or Montgomery County is coming after you for unpaid property taxes. We are experienced foreclosure attorneys who can help.

Don’t leave yourself at the mercy of the proverbial wolf at the door. We offer free consultations, payment plans, and 24/7 access to our team of lawyers and paralegals. Our law firm’s ratings and reviews are some of the highest in the state. You’ll be in good hands if you turn to us.


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