Real Estate Law


Real Estate Law

Real Estate Settlements

Most likely the other party involved in your real estate transaction will have an attorney protecting their rights. Our office routinely provides assistance and guidance to both buyers and sellers of real estate to help make the process go as smooth as possible. We handle real estate settlements in Allentown and Philadelphia, including Philadelphia, Bucks, Montgomery, Chester and Delaware Counties.

Real Estate Litigation

Our office is experienced in many facets of Real Estate Litigation including but not limited to, prosecuting and defending Actions to Quiet Title, Foreclosure, Eviction/Ejectment Actions, Zoning Issues, and litigation derived from the purchase or sale of real estate.

Real Estate Foreclosure Defense

A foreclosure has traditionally been triggered by an economic crisis, such as the loss of a job, injury, illness, or unanticipated emergency expense. Foreclosure Actions are filed in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Courts of Common Pleas and are governed by the Pennsylvania Rules of Civil Procedure. Often the homeowner does not realize that he/she has rights as the homeowner/occupant per the rules of court and procedure. If you are facing or near foreclosure, contact Sadek & Cooper Law Offices for an initial consultation.


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