South Jersey Bankruptcy Lawyer

Over 500 Five Star Reviews


South Jersey Bankruptcy Lawyer

Over 500 Five Star Reviews


South Jersey Bankruptcy Lawyer

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Are your credit card bills, loan payments, and other debts piling up? Are you unable to make payments to creditors because you lost your job or took a pay cut? Did an injury or medical emergency leave you behind on other repayment obligations?

There are many reasons people in South Jersey find themselves in debt, but in each instance there is opportunity for debt relief. As a highly respected South Jersey law firm, Sadek & Cooper Law Offices helps clients find the best and most efficient solution to your financial issues. Our team of bankruptcy lawyers is tough, strategic, and ready to fight for your financial future.

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Can Lawyers Help Beyond Bankruptcy?

The South Jersey bankruptcy lawyers at Sadek & Cooper Law Offices provide advice on the legal solutions to substantial debt. For many people in stressful and overwhelming financial situations, the best solution is bankruptcy, but not always.

The initial role of South Jersey bankruptcy lawyer isn’t filing documents with the court or discussing debt and assets with a trustee. Rather, your local bankruptcy lawyer should first and foremost evaluate your financial circumstances and recommend a course of action. The path to a better financial situation may or may not include bankruptcy. Alternatives to bankruptcy in South Jersey include:

  • Negotiation of debt and repayment with creditors
  • Agree to a debt settlement
  • Selling assets to become current on repayment
  • Work with a debt counseling agency
  • Enter a debt management plan or
  • Seek an administration order.

If you are uncertain that bankruptcy is the best plan for solving your financial difficulties, contact a bankruptcy lawyer in South Jersey for advice on your options

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Why Hire a South Jersey Bankruptcy Lawyer?

Bankruptcy and similar legal matters, such as mortgage foreclosure and tax foreclosure, are personal. It requires a lot of courage to open up about financial difficulties and share personal hardships with a South Jersey bankruptcy lawyer. These added complexities mean you truly need a lawyer invested in your case and situation.

When you hire a law firm with offices in South Jersey, like Sadek & Cooper Law Offices, your lawyer is located right down the road or a town over – not across the country or the state. This results in more personalized attention to your case and bigger investment in the outcome.

With offices in Cherry Hill and Moorestown, New Jersey, Sadek & Cooper Law Offices are accessible to our clients and committed to your case, even after your bankruptcy matter is discharged.

Where to Start in a Bankruptcy Case?

Just as a bankruptcy lawyer doesn’t start your case with filing a bankruptcy application with the court, neither should you. Instead, learn as much as you can about the process of bankruptcy, the different chapter in the bankruptcy code, and the best path to financial freedom from a South Jersey lawyer.

At Sadek & Cooper Law Offices, we encourage you to contact our South Jersey offices, even if you are uncertain about filing for bankruptcy. In a free, confidential consultation our lawyers will learn about your circumstances and help you better understand the legal options.

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